Oni Team Arena

Oni Team Arena is a series of scripts oriented on multiplayer gameplay.

You don't get to fight human opponents, but Oni's AI are treated as respawning bots. The interface is much inspired by that of existing FPS-shooters.

Some multiplayer features are implemented: random spawn positions, random weapons and powerups, frag-related messages, sounds and visuals, bot model selection etc.

There are several versions of OTA, advancements are being made in features.

Script 10000 provided the initial idea, geyser produced the core scripting, Your_Mom did the cross-level porting, EdT made the scripts Mac compatible.

Oni Team Arena 1.0 scripts

Features: a single arena, 100 frags for victory
These original scripts by Your_Mom are compatible with the Mac.

Basic installation: Create a folder within the level's folder, name it "original" Drag all the files in the level's folder into the "original" folder. Unzip the OTA archive and install all the files into the level's folder. That's it. Now select the level and play!

Oni Team Arena 1.1 scripts

Features: Multiple arenas, 30 frags for victory, Weapons option, Special Moves.
These scripts were modified by EdT to work on the Mac.

Oni Team Arena 1.2 scripts

Features: Multiple arenas, Menu to change options, Dangerous Bomber, Special Moves.
These scripts were modified by EdT to work on the Mac.




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