Oni by Bungie was released in 2001. Yet even today, Oni continues to grow and be improved through scripting, binary hacks and lots of hard work by dedicated Oni fans.

On this site, I will try to collect all things related to Oni and the Mac. Adapting the work done by others so that it will also work on the Mac.


July 2009 Oni Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Edition Oni is a new way to play an old favorite game. Its been over 8 years since Bungie introduced us to Oni in 2001, since then, Oni fans have found ways to improve the game.

New characters, weapons, smarter AI behavior, glass breaking moves, a modified melee system are some of the improvements available.

Anniversary Edition brings together these mods in a easy to use program. It takes the original game data files and splits them into individual files which can be modified and then reassembled into the improved version. You have the option of selecting which mods you want to install.

Anniversary Edition also includes the latest patched Oni program, which adds support for Intel Macs, bug fixes, AI particle dodging, restored a number of BSL functions and variables that allows Mac users to run almost all the custom scripts written for the PC.

Anniversary Edition can be downloaded here: Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Edition works on PPC and Intel Macs, it requires the Mono framework to run. Get it here.

For more information: Anniversary Wiki

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