Binary Modifications

The binaries of Oni has been explored, documented, hacked and modified.

Binary Improvements

The binaries have been improved by adding such things as unlocking the moves, adding a second firing mode (grenades) to the SuperBall gun, tractor beams, glass that can be broken by a kick, glass that hurts and so on.
More info can be found here: Oni ni Kanabo

Here are the modified Mac level0_final.dat and level0_final.sep
Be sure to move the original files to a safe place and put these files in the GameDataFolder

How to use the mods:

  • Unlocked moves - All moves are available in all the levels
  • SuperBall Gun - Use the right button to launch grenades
  • Mutant Muro Tractor - Bound to the weapon w10_sni
  • Break Glass - Kick, Low kick, slide, Rising Fury will break glass

Jetpack Mode:
You will need to edit your own level files using the program OniUnPacker (Windows Only, works in Virtual PC on the Mac)

Here's how:
  • Copy the level.dat file you want to modify to the PC or Virtual PC desktop
  • Run OniUnPacker
  • From the Main menu choose Select .dat file ie: level3_final.dat
  • From the Tools menu choose Binary .dat Editor
  • From the Filter by extension choose ONCC Now you need to find the file for Konoko (konoko_generic.ONCC, k4_K.ONCC, etc varies among the levels)
  • Confused? See this screenshot
  • Change the lines 0x000010 and 0x000020 to look like below:
  • Move the modified level.dat file to your GameDataFolder (Be sure to save the original)
  • To jetpack, start moving forward then press the jump key. By pressing and releasing the jump key you can keep flying. You will need to enable the cheat code "liveforever" to stay alive while in the air.
  • Hate that flailing motion while flying? If so, you need to modify the code of the main.bsl of the level. First add fork BreakFlail fork WaitLand on separate lines before the code level_start. Then add the following to the end of the script
    func BreakFlail() {
    chr_wait_animation(0, KONOKOjump_flail)
    chr_animate(0, STRRIFjump_idle)
    chr_invincible 0 1
    sleep 1
    fork BreakFlail

    func WaitLand {
    chr_wait_animtype 0 land
    chr_invincible 0 0
    sleep 50
    fork WaitLand

    You do not need the "liveforever" code using this script. You are only "invincible" while flying, but the rest of the time you are vulnerable to dammage
  • Since the Airport level is available in the Oni Demo, you can get the modified level.dat and main.bsl file here.
  • Have fun!!!







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