Mac Developer Mode

This is truly exciting, it was thought that the Developer Mode was taken out of the Mac binaries, but in June 2006, geyser found the key to unlock it. But in the Omnigroup port of Oni, the camera mode and inputing commands in the console was not possible because the RETURN was disabled in their port.

However, in early January 2007, geyser enabled the RETURN key and by modifying the keyconfig file, those issues are gone!

You can download the unlocked version here:
Mac OSX Oni DevMode (Also works on Intel Macs)

You will need to add the following code to the key_config.txt file

bind p to man_cam_move_forward
bind l to man_cam_move_left
bind apostrophe to man_cam_move_right
bind semicolon to man_cam_move_backward
bind leftarrow to man_cam_pan_right
bind rightarrow to man_cam_pan_left
bind pageup to man_cam_move_up
bind pagedown to man_cam_move_down

This takes the movement controls and maps them to the camera controls. (Of course you use different keys if you want.) However the uparrow and downarrow are bond to pan camera up and pan camera down.

Or you can download the modified key_config.txt file.

First, how do I enter Dev Mode? Press F1 (Function key 1) and then enter the cheat code "killmequick" Now what can be done with Dev Mode? Here are some things:

Fkey6Kill All Ai
Ctrl+Fkey7 Play dead
Fkey7, Shift+Fkey7Cycle weapons (holster to get second weapon)
Fkey8, Shift+Fkey8Cycle characters
Fkey9Start recording movie
Fkey10Stop recording
Fkey11Playback recording
Cntl+Shift+bShows current opponent's logic
Cntl+Shift+fFast Mode
Cntl+Shift+gSlow motion
Cntl+Shift+lDumps a screenshot every frame
Cntl+Shift+uGo through objects
Cntl+Shift+HOMEFreeze raycasting
ENDWarp to camera

Camera Mode
RETURNCamera Control 3 modes
(Press RETURN to move through the modes)
1) Normal
2) Detached - mouse controls aim
3) Detached - mouse controls camera
(When activated the following applies)
pMove camera forward
; (semicolon)Move camera backward
lMove camera left
' (apostrophe)Move camera right
pageupMove camera up
pagedownMove camera down
leftarrowPan camera right
rightarrowPan camera left
uparrowPan camera up
downarrowPan camera down
Note: If you access the Camera Mode during the game, be aware that the game is still in progress and you can be attacked at any time! To avoid that, see the next section.

Console Mode
~ (tilde)Enter console / Exit console

Once you're in the console mode you should see the letters CMD near the bottom of the screen. Now you can enter script commands. Be sure to press RETURN after entering the command.
(Note: Sometimes after pressing RETURN, you get into camera mode, so press RETURN 2 more times to go back to normal mode.)

A good one to use while exploring is "ai2_ignore_player = 1" this will cause the AI's to ignore you.

A list of commands can be found here







Dev Mode

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